This position can be very stressful for the neck as the model has the choice to completely let go or maintain their head up or horizontally. This can become very uncomfortable after some time, it can be relieved with a rope going around the head, lifting the blindfold, the rigger lifting the head or maintaining it between their lap or on their knee. Not to be confused with side suspension and face up suspension

It is considered as one of the simplest and safest suspension thanks to the clear and straight suspension lines and can be used as a base for transitions like an upside down suspension (sakasa zuri). It usually consist of a chest harness (e.g., TK or fisher), a support on the hips or the waist (e.g., corset/waistline or hip harness) and suspension line on the legs (e.g., futomomo or column tie on the ankles). Not to be confused with side suspension and face down suspension.

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