Class, performance, session of shibari and Japanese bondage in Lille

Future events

Class and workshop

You'd like to discover better your sexuality, better understanding your desires or connecting with your partners in a different way, shibari is for you. You will find something that appeals to you either way between aesthetics, self-confidence, BDSM, comfort, emotion or pain. Learn to rediscover your fantasies and desires in an educational setting with customised methods that will suit your technical needs and spiritual goals.

Performance and talks

Are you organising an event around art, BDSM, eroticism or sexuality? Call on me to introduce your participants to the practice of shibari through a demonstration or a discussion group containing spectacular, erotic or traditional elements. A unique experience that they will not forget!

Private session

The best gift you can give yourself! Come and abandon your bodies and minds, live your deepest fantasies around ropes. Between captivity, comfort, sublimation and eroticism I will do everything in my power to make you live a unique experience. You will be able to keep a full video of the session as well as photos to remember this unforgettable moment.

About me

I'm an endorphin junkie only getting his kicks through shibari whilst being tied up but I am mostly known as a rigger. I teach and perform mainly in Lille now. When I started, I was lucky enough to have been introduced to shibari in Lyon within the gay BDSM community. Helios taught me the basic techniques as well as some philosophical aspects of shibari which proved to be essential for my evolution. After that, I started to practice between 4 to 7 hours a day on myself with little guidance. Progressing only through mistakes, repetitions, observation and criticism. After spending a year in London where I was able to spend time with the well-developed shibari scene, I was able to take the time to start developing my vision of shibari in order to refocus on the aspects I thought were close to my heart and desires.

Now, I focus on less technical sessions that aim to bring out the dark and deep emotions of my partners such as humiliation, degradation, shame, fear, anxiety, surprise, abandonment or more pleasant emotions such as joy, comfort, security, belonging, euphoria. I try in each session to create a context that allows my partners to express themselves and discover their psyche without limits in order to bring out the best and the worst to achieve a cathartic moment.

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