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Performances, life drawing, private tuition, workshops, life-size installation… There is so much that can be done with shibari!

Private Tuition
& Workshop

In these private tuition we will obviously look at the technical aspect (how to execute frictions, ties and patterns) but the goal would be to access to the 3 pillars of shibari: rythm, intensity and proximity. These can be combined in various ways in a session and that’s these principles that make shibari unique, impressive but also very difficult to learn. In fact, it must be the most complicated thing to get above the technical aspect. How to interact, how to move, when, what, why… All of these questions can be answered in private tuitions or workshops. 

I will adapt my teaching programme to your needs. Whether it is bedroom bondage or shibari. But if you want to develop more an aspect of shibari than aiming for the holy suspensions, we can totally do that. There is not one way to teach/learn shibari there are an infinite number.


Book an amazing performance set on the atmosphere of the party/evening. My performances range from violence to sensuality, calm and relaxing to frenetic and dynamic, complex to minimalistic and much more. Most of the time I try to work on something that can captivate the audience and made them participate to the performance in a way.
Do not hesitate to ask me for special requests in terms of outfit, atmosphere to be set or else. Shibari can bring a very entertaining side for those who are watching.

Life drawing/modelling

Shibari can give a variety of options to artists to be challenged in a different way. Poses that are hardly possible to maintain in a tradition life drawing, positions that redefine the law of anatomy and make artists rethink the way they drawbodies. Not only shibari redefine the anatomy, but also the perspective with suspension. Especially upside-down suspensions, which mkes another challenge for both veterans and beginners.
Whether you are a freelance, an art school or a lifedrawing class, feel free to contact me to discuss the options!
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